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An hour at our cosmetic dentistry office is all it takes; You will get the teeth of your dream by signing up for our professional teeth whitening treatment. We are here to give you the professional help best suited for you and your smile.

Advantages to consider for professional teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening is the most effective and efficient pain-free method in cosmetic dentistry as other methods are unconventional and lacks prescriptions. Some of the benefits derived from a tooth whitening professional include:

  • Effectiveness and efficiency: Teeth whitening job done under professional care is more effective and last longer than over the counter treatment.
  • Safe and pain-free: Professional teeth whitening is a safe and painless method of maintenance. As a prescriptive measure, check-ups for flaws and polishing are done and along with all other necessary adjustments.
  • Non-invasive: It requires no incision or surgical process whatsoever, which would please even the most anxious of patients or client.
  • Perfect look: Due to the aesthetical result, a professional teeth whitening can give a client with a misaligned, gapped or even an overlapping tooth the perfect appearance and looks with a gorgeous smile to match it up.

Methods of achieving teeth whitening professionally

There are several tooth whitening alternatives. However, these alternatives may come with lots of uncertainties and unsatisfactory results, and the risks are too high not to damage some tooth, the cavity or other elements. That mentioned, our professional services offer a comprehensive oral examination that consists of full medical, dental, and social history. This will give the entire history for us to see if there is any treatment that needs to be made, i.e. assessing the client's conditions whether they are in good condition for a tooth whitening job.

There are several methods by which our professionals carry out our whitening services for our client. They include:

  • In-office treatment An in-office treatment offers the utmost best result. Our dentists are obligated to carry out thorough checks on our clients, on dental and clinical history, including allergies and sensitivities, and to observe hard and soft tissues, among other things. For our treatments, we make use of, the Rembrandt Sapphire Teeth Whitening system, Opalescence Boost Whitening from Ultradent or KOR whitening to get you that stunning white teeth.
  • Zoom Teeth Whitening: Zoom whitening is popular because the procedure is effective, fast, and last long. Gums and soft tissues are protected by cotton rolls and cheek retractors while desensitizing gels are applied to ensure that your mouth does not react to the powerful bleaching agents. This treatment also involves the use of laser light
  • Home tooth whitening process: At-home tooth whitening products are available from dentist or over the counter. This method includes the use of strips and gels, whitening rinses, whitening toothpaste as well as tray-based tooth whitener. If the treatment is properly done, it last for as long as two years.

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Steps to getting your teeth whitened

Different people have diverse kinds of tooth blemishes even though the condition is quite common. Every day different things go in and out of the mouth and like any device that is being used constantly, there is bound to be wear and tear. To make sure you get best treatment, these are the steps to take.

The first step is to make sure you arrange for a session at our dental office. Our team will first run a series of exams to ascertain your oral health situation.

After running those checks and tests, our experts will recommend the best suited solution for you. This is because not every tooth whitening treatment is effective for every case.

After choosing the package recommended by our experts i.e. Take-home whitening, In-office whitening or Zoom Teeth whitening, you will undergo the process customized for your teeth.

Within an hour or more, your look is completely different, and you can go around smiling with confidence.

Processes of Maintenance

After achieving the results of treatment, stains can return within an initial couple of months if not properly maintained. Therefore, the various methods of maintenance to protect treatment results are as such:

Brushing and flushing teeth out with water after eating and drinking

Flossing to remove plaque and biofilms between teeth

Take special care during the first two to three days of treatment.

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